16.075oz Counterfeit Registry

Welcome to the All Engelhard 16.075oz registry of counterfeit ingots.  At this time, there is only one known example of a 16.075oz counterfeit Engelhard ingot, depicted below.  We believe beyond any doubt that this 16.075oz example is counterfeit and was recently produced by either Kyle Anastasiou of Ontario, Canada, or someone he knows.  AE informed Kyle this ingot is fake and he refused to disclose his source, claiming it to be part of a big ‘Estate Sale’ and that it was offered to him by an 80 year old man with a ‘heart condition’.  He then continued to share photos of his counterfeit ingots on social media and represented them to be genuine.  We encourage collectors to contact us anytime with new examples of suspicious bars or additional information regarding the examples presented.  This is a living registry page, and will be reviewed and updated at the sole discretion of All Engelhard.  

16.075oz Class | Counterfeit Registry


132047 | Obverse


132047 | Reverse