is pleased to welcome visitors to our Eagle Mining Company Definitive Page.  While our focus is clearly Engelhard, we recognize that many Engelhard bullion collectors also collect other bars and ingots. As such, we appreciate the opportunity to present additional collections and look forward to your thoughts and input!

Eagle Mining Company ingots surfaced in either 1955 or 1969, depending on the reference source.  They demonstrate a hallmark similar to United States Mint assay ingots.  Much has been speculated as to the origin of these ingots and this intrigue only adds to the highly collectable nature of these exceedingly rare pieces. 

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 11.20.02 AM[999] [FINE SILVER] [Monetary Denomination] [Eagle Mining Company Circular Hallmark]
[SILVER] [999] [FINE] [OZS] [Weight Assignment]
Ingot produced by Eagle Mining Company.  Observed in weight class ranging from 6.27oz to 7.98oz.  Two examples, ingots 352 and 425, are known to include a serial number.