At All Engelhard, we endeavor to provide the collector community with the most comprehensive information relating to All things Engelhard. This means full knowledge of all varieties and serial number ranges for each type of ingot and bar produced by Engelhard. We welcome you to submit a photo of your ingot or bar so we can log the serial number and variety in our database. This information helps us to further define mintage estimations, production ranges and noteworthy anomalies. At this time, we are accepting photos of the following Engelhard ingots and bars:

  • 4-Digit Serial # Ingots
  • 5-Digit Serial # Ingots
  • 6-Digit Serial # Ingots
  • 7-Digit Serial # Ingots
  • ‘W’ Prefix Ingots – All Series
  • ‘P’ Prefix Ingots and Bars – 10th Series or Prior

We are not accepting common 1oz bars, or extruded 5oz or 10oz bars at this time.

Thank you for being an integral part of the All Engelhard team!