We are a group of ingot collectors that have come together to bring forth and maintain a much-needed resource of Engelhard information. Our group has a diverse background of collecting, spanning decades, and includes members from various parts of the world, including Australia, Great Britain, Netherlands, Canada and the United States.  The core of pieces presented are owned by several members of our collector group and have been shared amongst one another for study in each collector’s field of expertise.  These fields include knowledge of ingot dimension and casting distinction, font study, strike characteristics, surface finish and toning, and of course photography.

Our collections are presented for the enjoyment of the collector community and for historical preservation – while our laboratory studies and constant vigilant awareness of suspected counterfeits are exercised to protect it.  Our group is available to provide authentication services, free of charge, and stands ready to accept any questions, comments or additional insight you may have. Please note that our effort for any requested authentication service will be matched only by your effort in providing quality pictures and detailed information, as it can, at times, be exceedingly difficult to authenticate Engelhard bars strictly by photographs. However, we pledge to do our best.

Our goal is to present just one or two examples of each production piece.  However, we may present additional examples of a unique or interesting variety, whenever possible.   None of the examples from the All Engelhard collection are for sale at this time and we respectfully reserve the right to disregard  inquiries regarding the acquisition of any examples from within our personal collections.

If you have an example of the occasional or rare classification, we encourage you to send us a picture.  We will anonymously present the ingot as part of the All Engelhard community collection and will inventory it in our archives.  Please ensure the picture is of excellent quality as we are a particular group and will not add photos if they are not to standard.  

You are welcome to reach us at allengelhard@gmail.com at anytime.  Please note that we are a bunch of regular working stiffs, and it may take some time for us to respond.  Your inquiry is appreciated.