It is our passion and our purpose, with unwavering commitment and determination, to provide the Engelhard and collectible bullion enthusiast community with the most current, comprehensive, and accurate information on all sizes and varieties of vintage and rare bars and ingots produced.  In years past, Engelhard information was only sporadically found in bits and pieces, much without solid basis or supporting data, yet it was all that collectors had to go on, until All Engelhard came along in 2014.  Our endeavor at All Engelhard continues beyond the extra mile in gathering and putting forth the most specific, concise and accurate information that is achievable for our community. 

Over the past decade, we have conducted countless interviews with mining industry laborers and professionals, refinery workers, and bullion dealers, who at one time had some part or knowledge in and of the Engelhard refining and retail days, as well as other notable refiners.  What came out of these interviews were fascinating stories and ledgers of detailed notes that gave us not only a solid foundation to build upon, but also a significant amount of groundbreaking information to formulate our plan.  This, along with literally hundreds of hours of scouring through books and periodicals in libraries, endless hours of online searches for missing puzzle pieces, and meetings and conference calls with advanced collectors, logging their serial numbers and photographing their varieties for study.  Over the past decade, we’ve logged tens of thousands of serial numbers, enabling us to concisely define serial number ranges, production spans and time-lines, and project accurate mintage estimates for nearly all bars and ingots. Our informational discovery process will continue indefinitely with the single purpose of fine-tuning the purity of our work as we progress.

We are telling you this because we acutely understand that collectors, investors, buyers and sellers rely on and trust the information we provide for their own valuations, and therefore our information must be accurate and substantiated.  As such, we pursue our work with 100% commitment and integrity.  We, too, are Engelhard collectors, and our passion for collecting Engelhard bars and ingots necessitated the development of this single-point-of-information reference website.  Ironically, we reference the website and Definitive Pages as frequently, or perhaps even more so, than many of our advanced collector friends, and we base our purchase and sale valuations solely on the information that we have generated for the site.  So, in a sense, we are our own testimonial!  We hope you appreciate and enjoy the fruits of our labor as much as we do, and we truly welcome your feedback and input, as your role is tremendously integral to our success in carrying out our mission.     

Happy Collecting!