50oz Counterfeit Registry

Welcome to the All Engelhard 50oz registry of suspected counterfeit bars.  The 50oz counterfeit Engelhard bar shown in the left photo was found at a pawn shop in Hope, Arkansas.  The staff was aware that it was a counterfeit bar and noted that it was not for sale.  Ironically, we coordinated the sale of this fake P113246 bar with the owner of the authentic P113246 50oz bar.  A second identical fake 50oz bar bearing the same P113246 serial number was discovered recently not far from where the first bar was found, shown in the middle photo.  Additionally, a third bar of same serial number P113246 was discovered June, 2023 in Springfield, Tennessee.  We encourage collectors to contact us anytime with new examples of suspicious bars or additional information regarding the examples presented.  This is a living registry page, and will be reviewed and updated at the sole discretion of All Engelhard.

50oz Class | Counterfeit Registry


P113246 | Obverse


P113246 | Obverse


P113246 | Obverse