This site is dedicated to the presentation and preservation of all things Engelhard.  Here, you will enjoy full Engelhard biographical and company history, spanning from when Charles W. Engelhard, Senior, founded the company in 1902, and continuing to when German chemical company, BASF, purchased it in 2006.  This site offers information regarding the various Engelhard ingots produced, including unique variety, weight class and country of origin.

We are a group of ingot collectors that have come together to bring forth and maintain a much-needed resource of Engelhard information. Our group has a diverse background of collecting, spanning decades, and includes members from various parts of the world, including Australia, Great Britain, Netherlands, Canada and the United States.  The core of pieces presented are owned by several members of our collector group and have been shared amongst one another for study in each collector’s field of expertise.  These fields include knowledge of ingot dimension and casting distinction, font study, strike characteristics, surface finish and toning, and of course photography.

You’ll find photo documentation of many ingots, from several private collections, and information regarding their approximate mintage, specifications, and unique characteristics.  Over time, we hope to encompass all production examples, as we become the premier resource of Engelhard information and grateful custodian of its history.

We are here only to celebrate and explore the hobby of ingot collecting and are not advising the purchase of precious metals as an investment.  Our goal is simply to provide one, consolidated resource of information for ingot collectors, as we pay tribute to the greatest precious metals refiner the world has known.  We hope you enjoy your visit.